"The power and intimacy in Leeman's unsentimental portrait of animator Gary/Gabi and his/her four-year quest for a sexual identity change is equalled only by the honesty and bravery of the film's subject."

- Sheila Benson, Los Angeles Times

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"Informative and fascinating." - Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

“Metamorphosis captures more than a compelling visual transformation; the film raises profound questions about contemporary gender stereotypes as Gary's fantasies collide with the realities of living as a woman. Watching Gary make conscious choices about what is appropriate challenges the audience to confront biases about male and female behavior.” - Robert Hawk, Sundance Film Festival

As many as 60,000 people are uncomfortable with the sex they wereborn into (gender dysphoria). Gary, a 39-year-old transsexual, has been convinced since childhood that he is a woman trapped in a male body. At age 36, Gary decided to begin the extraordinary process of changing his sex. Shot over three years, this compassionate yet unsentimental film follows Gary's transformation into Gabi. Along the way, the film raises provocative questions about what really makes us men and women.


Silver Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival, 1990

Montreal World Film Festival, 1990

Parnu Film Festival, 1990 (Estonia)

Tokyo Film Festival, 1991

Portland NW Film Center, 1990

American Film & Video Festival, 1991

American Psychological Association, 1991